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Andrew Giddens

Andrew Giddens
Andrew Giddens
Andrew Giddens

The Beach
31 ½ x 19 ½”, £960 SOLD

Glassy Sea
24 x 16”, £530

Soapy Cove
32 x 22", £1195


Andrew Giddens was born in Poole, Dorset in 1976. He moved to Cornwall in 1991 with his family and attended the ‘Falmouth College of Arts’, followed by studies at ‘The Arts Institute’ in Bournemouth. Since graduating he has been developing his gift, creating substantial paintings of the sea and land around West Cornwall. He now lives with his wife in the town of Helston.

As an artist he is privileged to give time to the study of life and the world around him and through the medium of his art to express his positive response to it:

“ The universe in which we live is a place of breath-taking beauty. From the complex micro-organisms in the earth to the vast galaxies in the heavens there is the compelling witness of exquisite design, which gives me a profound sense of wonder. This experience which I feel – especially in relation to our own beautiful planet – is something which I have known from a young age as I have marvelled at its diversity, reality and power.”

Working mainly with oils the artist uses the paint freely, currently focusing on his immediate surroundings – the coves and beaches, headlands and cliffs that he loves and knows so well. Years of intimate study of the sea around the Lizard Peninsula, and his continuous relationship with the swells and tides (a dedicated surfer), provides Andrew with an intimate understanding of the raw essence of the Cornish coast.


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