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Biddy Picard

Biddy Picard

Biddy Picard

Blue on blue 14 x 10” £670

Two by two 14 x 10” £670

Biddy Picard

Biddy  Picard

Pears and Flowers 8 x 12” £670

Green Harbour, Setting Sail
11 x 9”, £850


Biddy Picard’s first view of Cornwall was from the sea, when she arrived in a crabber after the War, and this is often the viewpoint in her paintings – ‘Penwith as a fist of land thrust into the sea, full of wildness, strength and magic’. She has a strong sense of line and there is humour in her own blend of still life combined with harbour scene.

Born in 1922 in Derbyshire, Biddy Picard attended Chesterfield School of Art before training at the Slade. After a brief period teaching art in Bristol she moved to Wales and then in 1974, to Cornwall.
A longstanding member of the Newlyn Society of Artists, she has also taught both painting and ceramics at Penzance School of Art.

Biddy Picard’s work has been exhibited regularly at galleries throughout Cornwall and also in the Midlands, the North of England and London. Her paintings are widely collected and included in many private collections in both the United Kingdom and Europe.
Of her work she says “I try in my painting to convey some of the particular magic of West Penwith; the feeling of remoteness, the intensity of light and the rapid changes of mood. Thrusting into a restless sea, it is an “end place” where little harbours cling to the stern granite rocks, for me a special land unlike any other”.

Derbyshire born Biddy Picard studied at Chesterfield School of Art and the Slade and then taught at Badminton School, Bristol.

During the war she met and married one of a group of conscientious objectors seeking a simple, back to nature life style. Joining the group in North Wales, she later walked down the Welsh coast to Milford Haven and, after a chance sea passage in a French crabber, arrived in Newlyn. With its brilliant light, blue seas and skies and brightly painted and local French fishing boats, West Cornwall seemed indeed a ‘foreign land’, - a far cry from the dark mountains and valleys of North Wales.

And so began a new life in Cornwall, at first in Lamorna living with her family in a gypsy caravan, cooking on campfires, washing in the stream and often sleeping under the stars. Later in Mousehole, she and her husband Bill Picard established the Mousehole Pottery and Craft shop, selling both their own work and that of other local potters and crafts people. She began making stoneware ceramics sculptures, and was at the same time painting and drawing. She exhibited at the Newlyn Society of Artists, becoming a committee member, and also taught for a period at Penzance School of Art.

After a move to the moors near Paul, she established ‘Animal Friends’ a successful business making stoneware ceramic animals. Her own highly individual ceramic work also continued to develop, becoming increasingly decorated as time went on. Inevitably this led her once more to her original love, painting on board and canvas, which she now concentrates on exclusively.

For Biddy Picard painting is like music, with its own ‘song to sing’, - colour and shape creating mood and atmosphere in an attempt to capture something of the wildness, strength and magic of this fist of land thrust into the sea, which is Penwith.


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