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Glyn Macey

Glyn Macey
Glyn Macey
Glyn Macey

Blue Dawn

Blue Summer

Summer Harbour
8 ½ x 8 ½”, £375

Glyn Macey
Glyn Macey
Glyn Macey

Dawn Gaps
10 x 12”, £390

Early Morning Mount
19 x19”, £640 SOLD

Fruits de Mer SOLD

Glyn Macey
Glyn Macey
Glyn Macey

Sienna Quay
9 ½ x 7 ¼”, £300

Yacht Club Summer
17 x 8 ½”, £455

Glyn Macey
Old Newlyn Harbour, 39 x 35”, £1100


Glyn Macey was born in Newlyn, Cornwall in 1969.
He completed his HND in Graphic Design at Falmouth School of Art in 1991.

Since leaving college, he has lived in Penzance, Cornwall, his work developing in response to the unique environment of West Cornwall. He also worked as a successful designer until 1998 when he 'retired' from designing in order to devote his time solely to painting. Glyn Macey's paintings can be seen in many collections world-wide and his design work is found in many major high street retailers. 2001 saw the publication worldwide of posters by The Art Group and limited edition silkscreens by CCA Galleries.

He can often be found roaming the harbours, moorland and coast of his native West Cornwall, sketchbook in hand recording the details of daily Cornish life and history. Such sketches are in turn used as the basis for the studio paintings.

Using acrylic, mixed media and an array of mark making techniques he endeavours to capture the underlying essence of the landscape, the essence that shapes the landscape and the people who live in it.

He says, "The West Cornwall Peninsula is both punished and blessed, reflecting as it does, the mood of the Atlantic that surrounds and shapes its shore. It is a land to which history clings, an unforgiving place that does not give up its treasures lightly, but to the persistent, its rewards are great."

Many people see a continental look to his paintings. This is explained by his many visits to the South of France, Spain and the Mediterranean.

Closer to Glyn's Cornish home, the summer landscape of West Cornwall has the same Continental feel. "Stand on the causeway to St. Michael's Mount, and look back to Marazion, the houses painted in pastel pinks, blues and creams, the balustrades and palms; you could be in the South of France - only better...".

Glyn uses acrylic, pencil and collage to gain the spontaneity of his work and the 'happy accidents' that he loves. By building and glazing colour he is able to gain a rich depth.

He believes that the unexpected unity of colour and texture in mixed media can often create the most exciting results.


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